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Ice Rink Sketches

Drawings I did for a small but fun project called 'Clouds of Avia'. Basically a civilisation based on the merging of technology and magic who is seeking refuge on mountaintops as their world has lost the ability to sustain life naturally. It was a pleasure to work on =]

Jens bengtsson icerink 01a

Design of cross sections of the tower.

Jens bengtsson interior detailed design

Exploration and development of the Café interior.

Jens bengtsson songbirds 01a

Animated mechanical Songbirds flutter move freely in the tower.

Jens bengtsson icerink exterior

Putting it all together: The exterior of the Ice Rink and Café.

Jens bengtsson icerink compositions 02
Jens bengtsson icerink compositions 03
Jens bengtsson gardensketches 01a

Further down the tower there are wings built as greenhouses, housing parks and forests.